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Chimneys & Fire Pits

Fire Pits

Do you wish to sit in your backyard in the chilly evening and wish you could stay there for a longer time? Imagine there is a fire pit with burning woods, and you comfortably sit there and feel the warmth on your body. You can easily have a fire pit in your backyard and make your home like a vacation spot. MCE Masonry & Landscaping, LLC provides you with a fire pit that is available in various materials like stacked stone, bricks, concrete, tile, and many more. Ready to explore different options! Turn to our team of professionals for a variety of outdoor fire pits.



Nowadays, most residential places have chimneys and fireplaces to make the place warm and comfortable in the winter season. A chimney is a short tunnel-like channel installed to transfer and disperse the heat and gases from the fireplaces, stoves them out into the atmosphere, and keep the indoor environment comfortable. Some of the common types of chimneys include Masonry chimneys, metal chimneys, fireplace insert chimneys, wood-burning stove chimneys, free-standing stove chimneys, and factory-built chimneys. What type of chimneys are you exactly looking for in your place? Quickly let us know at MCE Masonry & Landscaping, LLC. Our team of specialists will install your desired chimney at your place.

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