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Lawn Care

Lawn Care

Your lawn is a beautiful extension of your home. It is a place where you relax, play, entertain, and have fun. To keep it look healthy and beautiful, regular lawn care is significant. Our lawn care specialists are highly trained and certified professionals to provide you with the best lawn care services to keep your landscape looking welcoming and healthy. They all are equipped with the advanced tools needed to provide you with proper and timely lawn care. Since, our specialists at MCE Masonry & Landscaping, LLC have been worked for several years; they have enough experience and knowledge to provide you the best lawn care service.


Top Soil

Plants rely on the uppermost layer of the earth's surface or topsoil for water and other nutrients. MCE Masonry & Landscaping, LLC works towards improving the quality of your topsoil so that it supports healthy plant growth. Plus, we provide you with the topsoil that is fertile enough to grow the plants in your garden. Depending on your region, the topsoil can vary from sandy soil to reddish clay. Here you can speak to us. We will provide you with topsoil that suits your region and support the healthy growth of the plants in your garden.


Plants in your garden do not have much freedom to stretch their branches and spread their limbs out because of the limited space available. Of course, you want your plants to look natural and grow healthy and stronger. This is where the pruning comes. Professionals at MCE Masonry & Landscaping, LLC performs pruning by selectively removing the branches that are dead, broken, or damaged. It gives your plants to have healthy growth and protects your property against potential damages from fallen branches. Hence, get in touch with us for pruning and give your plant a clean and polished look to elevate your whole landscape.



Tree trimming is primarily focused on the aesthetic of the tree. The uneven tree growth with branches growing in all directions leaves the tree looking unbalanced and aesthetically unappealing. Uneven growing branches can also have a negative impact on the growth of the adjacent trees. The excessively spreading branches can prevent the other plants from getting nutrients, moisture, and sunlight to thrive. Tree trimming by MCE Masonry & Landscaping LLC helps to maintain the tree shape and overall appearance. It is usually done once or twice a year. Contact our tree specialists to get your tree trimmed professionally to make it look aesthetically beautiful.


Mulch is a type of material that is spread on the top of the soil as a covering. The process of mulching is used to retain moisture in the soil, keep the soil cool, suppress weeds, and make your garden looks attractive. MCE Masonry & Landscaping LLC provides organic mulches that improve soil nutrients, drainage, and structure holding capacity. If you are not familiar with how to spread the mulch and what type of mulch you need to use, then our experts will assist you. Not only organic mulches but there are also various choices available in mulches. Contact us anytime to have the right mulching in your garden

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