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Disclosing 5 Secrets To Have A Healthy And Lush-Green Lawn

Do you often get attracted to lush-green and well-maintained lawns in your neighborhood and wish to have the same at your place? We have been disclosing some secrets to make your lawn look beautiful and healthy. These secrets are shared by experts from the professional lawn care services in NJ.

  • Feed at least four times a day- Surprised! Most homeowners believe that single feeding a year is enough to obtain a lush-green lawn. But to have a lush green and healthy lawn, your grass needs to be fertilized a few more times a year. You exactly need to use the right lawn food according to the session and region. To figure out the right lawn food, you can speak to the experts at lawn care services in Morristown, NJ.

  • Mowing at the right time and height- Another secret to having a lush green and healthy lawn is how and when you mow in your lawn. Make sure you set the mower at the right height according to the season. For instance, set your mower at 2 to 3 inches in the winter season. In the summer season, cut the grass to keep it a little shorter than the grass in winters. By allowing the grass to be at its optimum height, you encourage a deeper root system that is important to grow a healthier lawn.

  • Use a high-quality grass seed- Simply, “You get what you pay for”. So, when you use top-quality grass seeds, they sprout faster and stay in place. Plus, the top-quality grass seeds also lead to have a thicker lawn and make it look healthy, full, and lush.

  • Spot control weeds- It is another secret to have a healthy and lush green lawn. Before the weeds spread all over the lawn, use a weed spray to kill the weeds and protect your lawn. Be sure you buy good quality weed spray and follow the directions to use it. If no idea how find the right weed spray, get assistance from landscapers and masonry contractors.

  • Water your lawn properly- While it is tempting to take the hose and water your lawn every morning or evening, excessive and too frequent watering is not good for the lawn health. The best way to water your lawn is to water deeply and less frequently, so the soil soaks the water properly, and allows it to reach the roots which strengthen the grass and helps it survive at the time of drought. Remember, the grass uses less water during the spring than in the summer. While in summer, you should water at least 3 times per week.

Why MCE Masonry & Landscape Services, LLC?

While it is not possible to maintain the lawn for many homeowners, leaving the lawn care to the professionals is the better idea. MCE & Landscape Services, LLC is a trusted landscapers and masonrycontractors backed by an efficient team of lawn care experts who understand how to create a healthy and lush green lawn.

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