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Discover the Different Types of Pavers to Improve Your Landscape

Pavers significantly affect the aesthetic of your outdoor space and drastically increase the property value. Homeowners generally get suggestions from masonry contractors who have expertise in carrying out all types of paving and masonry work. This is obvious that installing the pavers is not a DIY activity. Plus, it involves huge time and effort. Before you approach the masonry contractor, get insight into all type of paving and masonry work.

Natural stone pavers

Fieldstone and flagstone are two common types of pavers as they offer a great look and can be installed at a very affordable price. But they are more expensive than concrete and bricks. Limestone is another natural stone that is strong and used for edging. Travertine pavers do not lose their original color and withstand different weather conditions. But they seldom need cleaning.

However, absorbent stone is used for pool decks and other areas of the pool. These are generally used for residential purposes. Be sure you choose a masonry company for the concrete stone Patio step maker or simply a paver to improve the landscape.

Brick pavers

Bricks are made of concrete or clays and get dyed to look like a brick. Plus, they are available in a variety of colors and textures. They are durable as they are strong and stain-resistant paving material. Bricks can be laid with small gaps between them so that water can be drained through to the sub-base.

Concrete pavers

Concrete is prepared of molded concrete mixed with aggregate. They are available in multiple styles and colors with interlocking patterns. Some concrete pavers are dried to appear like a brick. While using for the pavers, they must be sealed to retain color. Concrete is very strong and durable for the pavers. You can choose interlocking concrete pavers with small gaps to allow the water to drain through.

How to install pavers?

Multiple things are kept in mind while installing the pavers. If you are planning to have pavers for the driveway, you need to measure your vehicle and allow enough space to doors open to move comfortably around the car. Interlocking pavers are easier to install. Lay them side by side to create a neat border to spate lawn and garden. You don’t need mortar for a tight fit. The best thing you can do is leave the pavers installing task to a team of experts at MCE Masonry & Landscape Services, LLC. They are right people to install the pavers perfectly within the time.

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